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“Heresy” or Judaism: Commitment for Life or Contraries for Silver?

“Rather than give a synthetic drug to block or mimic the body’s chemical nerve messengers neurotransmitters), it is possible nutritionally to encourage the body to make its own natural ones. If we are what we eat, then our nerves also depend on what they are fed. Here is tremendous potential for the alleviation of depression and related disorders.” Dr. Andrew Saul.

Obviously therory such as this is the basis for QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements.  By feeding s body nutrients needed to negotiate the requirements of the nerves it is believed that QuietMinds helps to optimize the natural processes of the neurotransmitters.

As Dr. Saul explains, “Predictably, such an ‘easy’ approach to such a ‘difficult’ disease can only add up to medical heresy.”  And, considering the lifelong work of Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer, M.D., it is not easy to maintain silence about schizophrenia, a disease that affects at least one percent of the country’s population, or bipolar disorder, that many claim affects upwards of five percent of the United States population.

For a heretic, Dr. Hoffer was remarkably well credentialed: With a Ph.D. in nutrition in addition to his M.D., he was formerly a director of psychiatric research, conducting the first placebo-controlled, double-blind experiments in the history of psychiatry. Perhaps more heretics should have his other expert qualifications: a medical journal editor-in-chief for nearly forty years, private practice for fifty years, and some twenty-five books and well over 500 scientific publications. It seems that he was especially more qualified than some inactive medical practitioner or perhaps some distant practicing dermatologist that spends time nay-saying and criticizing things of which they have no real working knowledge other than the talking points provided by their big pharma employers.