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• Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The concept that supported the development of QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements is evidence that people who suffer many of the Central Nervous System Disorders (CNSD) are depleted of the brain chemicals necessary to make them feel “normal.”

These chemicals are many times stronger than strong street drugs like heroin. In fact, like street drug addiction, your body has to have them and you cannot function without them. Depression, tension, irritability, anxiety and cravings are all symptoms of a brain that is deficient of these essential calming, stimulating and mood enhancing chemicals.

The depletion of the biochemicals result from one or a combination of reasons. And in turn there are many common problems that can result from being depleted.

You may have inherited your lack of brain chemicals. Every day science learns more about the genes that determine moods and traits of personality. We know that some genes program the brain to produce certain quantities of mood-enhancing chemicals. However, many people have inherited genes that undersupply some of these vital mood substances. Obviously, this is why some people are not as balanced emotionally as others. The family members of these people often seem to possess the same emotional traits, so parents who are low in the naturally stimulating and sedating brain chemicals often produce children who are depressed or anxious.

Prolonged stress can cause the body to deplete huge amounts of natural sedatives, stimulants and pain relievers. This is amplified if the body has inherited only marginal amounts of mood enhancing chemicals to begin with. The reserves of precious brain chemicals can be used up if the body continually needs to use them to calm itself down. Eventually the brain cannot keep up with the demand and it has become deficient of the nutrients needed to be stabile.

The regular use of refined sugar and flours, regular use of alcohol or drugs, including some prescribed medications, have all been proven to inhibit the production of natural brain chemicals that cause pleasure. Any one of these substances can engage your brain and fill the deficient spaces . . . called receptors . . . that normally natural brain chemicals . . . the neurotransmitters . . . should occupy. So the brain senses that the receptors have been filled and consequently further reduces the amounts of neurotransmitters that it produces. As it does this, the amounts of brain chemicals decline.

In order to compensate, more and more alcohol, drugs and drug-like foods that stimulate or sedate are craved to fill the “empty spaces” in the receptors. This game of nutritional musical chairs continues until the artificial brain chemicals can no longer meet the requirements of the receptors. Now the brain’s natural mood resources, which were inadequate as a result of inherited deficiencies or prolonged stress, are now depleted more than ever. And the body continues to crave mood enhancing drugs, whether it is sugar, alcohol, cocaine or certain prescription drugs.

As Ned Bishop, QuietMinds founder, studied the drugged reactions to bipolar affective disorder medications by his wife Elaine and daughter Kassidi, it became apparent that chemical deficiencies and excesses affected their moods and temperaments. What resulted was the creation of a formula that supplements most of the elements missing in the diet of most CNSD suffers, most of the time. Containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids in mega dose amounts, QuietMinds has received hundreds of reports of amazing and spectacular results.
Whatever mood-enhancing brain chemicals you have in short supply, those excited reports adamantly insist they can be replenished quickly, easily and safely with QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements.

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3 Responses

  1. 1
    Cheri Scott 

    Loved this article! It explains the whole brain chemistry thing in simple terms and brought great understanding. Came to find you thru Grace Guyol’s book.
    I am trying to help my daughter, age 32, diagnosed with ADD @ 17 and B/P/D 3 years ago after years of physical abuse from her ex hubby. Then after divorce, came the stress of providing for her daughter alone after he took off. She started drinking and using pot at times. She hasn’t been able to work or deal with her college classes very well for the last 2 years. I am hoping she can get the help she needs.
    Thank you for your site!

  2. 2
    Deirdre Forman 

    would you have to be completely off the antidepressant before starting the quietminds treatment….?i am also on anti phycotic medicine

  3. 3
    QuietMinds admin 

    No. Many of our clients begin the QuietMinds Supplement remedy while they are still taking their prescribed medication. However, there comes a time when one must consider weaning themselves from medication – usually after several weeks on the “loading” dosage, following a recognized stabilization. We often hear from our customers that a cooperative family physician or non-psychiatric specialist has helped direct their reduction or elimination of the prescribed medications. Obviously, we are available via telephone (720) 234 7739 or 1-855-527-7434, and email to assist and share our “weaning” experiences with our customers and/or their doctors. “If there is a will, there is always a way”!!

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