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• Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

When we first began marketing QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements, we considered using the Greek tragedy/comedy masks, traditional symbol of the acting profession, as our logo.

In ancient Greek theater, actors would exchange masks to mark a change in character. Unfortunately, for someone suffering from ever-changing emotions that are characteristic of bipolar disorder, these changes are a reality and not a temporary state.

What are common bipolar symptoms?

Bipolar symptoms can take a person through alternating states of depression and elevated mood or mania, that are experienced in a repeating cycle. These cycles may take place either slowly or rapidly. One mood often predominates while the other is experienced infrequently.

Typically, elevated moods manifest in increased confidence and well being. A desire for pleasurable activity, higher energy levels and a decreased need for sleep can progress to racing thoughts, excessive talking, flights of ideas, distractibility, impulsivity, impaired judgment, irritability, and risk-taking behaviors.

The depressed phase includes fatigue, sadness, and pessimism. A person may feel hopeless, with lowered self-esteem. Life loses its glow and loss of pleasure or lack of interest in activities formerly enjoyed makes struggling through symptoms of bipolar very challenging. Thoughts of “ending it all” are common.

It may be difficult to understand how someone can go from feeling so good to not caring if they get out of bed in the morning. The easiest way to understand bipolar symptoms is to realize that the emotions and moods experienced at the time are real to the sufferer.

What can be done to balance or correct symptoms of bipolar? Prescription drug treatments include lithium carbonate, valproic acid, carbamazepine, and lamotrigine. Additionally, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medications may be necessary to counter other effects of the prescription meds.

Or you can consider QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements!

Research is shedding insight into brain disorders and as our understanding of mood disturbances and cognitive deficits grows, an increasing correlation is seen between deficiencies of nutrients and brain imbalances. In fact, it has been discovered that people with bipolar symptoms are more vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies.

Many people who have become loyal QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements consumers were seeking complementary therapies to treat both body and brain, recognizing that these two are inseparably linked. Nutrients are the building blocks for sound physical and mental health, and, indeed, the brain is the most nutritionally sensitive organ in the body, needing raw materials in the form of QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements for synthesis of chemical messengers. High-dose multivitamins such as those found in QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements may improve mood.

In a recent trial, patients were put on a nutritional supplement like QuietMinds in conjunction with their prescription medications. Symptoms of bipolar depression and mania were significantly reduced and most of the patients were able to decrease their medication dosages by 50%. This research is not unlike the hundreds of reports that pour into our offices at QuietMinds, LLC.

A nutritionally-oriented practitioner or a holistically trained doctor or nutritionist can provide valuable insights into appropriate uses for QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements. It is important to discuss any treatments with your doctor. Management of bipolar symptoms is important so that you can return to the person you were meant to be.

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    Is it safe to discontinue anti depression meds when you start taking this.

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    QuietMinds admin 

    We do not recommend discontinuing prescribed medication without the overview of a medical practitioner. Obviously, we’ll help when requested by you or a physician. We always recommend that you telephone and discuss your options first.

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